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Inside Scoop: Men (Being A Lady) Pt.3

Dag, where did the Weekend go:(...until next Friday,but BACK TO BUSINESS. O.k so where did we leave off....let me see, (flipping through pages, hmmmm), GOT IT!

A woman whom we can INTRODUCE to our friends & family is a GO: a woman we DON'T EVEN BOTHER INTRODUCING to our friends or family is a NOA woman who shows her APPRECIATION for all that you do for her is a GO: a woman who acts like NOTHING you do can make her HAPPY is a NOA woman who SMILES & takes care of herself & is generally happy with her life is a GO: a woman who doesn't take care of herself & is SOUR all the time, has an ATTITUDE wider than all outdoors, & doesn't hesitate to LAY somebody out for the slightest reason is a NO

Who really knew Men even payed attention to these little things?...apparently they do, because each point is directly from a Man's Perspective. Be mindful & recognize your always being watched, whether it's a Guy of Interest, or whatever... As Women of Integrity, Values & Morals it is extremely important that our Daily Lady Etiquette is always ON doesn't mean you can't have fun, because we all have fun from time to time but remember to maintain a Classy Manner.

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