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A Summer's Night Out

Going out tonight & feeling kinda clueless on how to start getting ready? Take note, here's a checklist for the perfect night out this Summer.

Super size Your Hair
The trick is spritzing on hairspray Before you curl the hair. Then wind one-inch sections around a curling iron. Tip I just learned: In sections, curl backwards for that I-just left -the- salon- look. Brush out gently & hairspray again , (a little).
Show Some Skin
Rather than using your everyday moisturizer, use one with light- diffusing particles & maybe a bronzer. Remember don't hide the radiance- opt for a touchable up do!
Make A Bold Statement
Really wing out your out liner-always dramatic. Create a cat eye that will last. Don't go crazy with luminescent foundation, powder or moisturizer if your wearing colorful make-up. " Brights look prettier against a more matte face."

Smell Unforgettable
You want your scent to stand out without being the female equivalent of the cologned- up guy you can whiff across the club. Dab just a little on your wrists. Don't rub your wrists too hard together when applying perfume, that creates a lot of heat, which can make it wear off faster. Then mist in the air & walk through; scent clings to hair longer than it does to skin.

Do Bronze the eyes
In an earlier post this week we talked about bronzing the eyes... apply a bronzy shadow from your lash line to the brow bone, fading it as you go. Then smudge a gunmetal gray pencil on your upper lash line & add mascara. Don't do shimmery lips at the same time.



Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

aaahhhhh... I like the perfume tidbit! I always rub my wrists together...and then smell like nothing in 3 mins. lol! I def agree perfume on your hair...makes the guys go CRAZY! lmao!!! :P

-Kelly of *AF*

HerGoodyBag said...