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Baby, Baby, Baby

You can't deny it any further J. Hud...there's a bun in the oven :-)

Ok so...Raven Symone...Olivia...had a baby about a month ago allegedly1! *Waiting for the shocked expression to leave your faces :-)* I was just as shocked when I found out the news a few days ago on twitter. I didn't even know she was pregnant! All of the blogs just made her out to be a lil piggy. Well the pic below is the her child's father. Her boo/besties Jussie Smollet the brother of Great Debator Jurnee Smollet. Supposedly Jussie isn't into girls...

I think they look pretty cute together! But according to Bossip he donated his sperm cells to her...interesting but of course her people are denying it....idk
Here is a pic of the alleged baby Lilliana Pearman
She is just a little bundle of joy isn't she!

Ok so last week at Diddy's All White Party pics of Lauren London popped up with her Lil Wayne Baby Bump so of course Nivea couldn't let the other BM out shine her and these pics were recently released

She looks cute but Lauren London looked way cuter, but why is she trying to compete? It is Lil Wayne we are talking about...he is so not on my top 5 hotties list lol


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