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Come And Talk To Me...

Ok so I'm getting great feed back from readers about the posts about men. I know we've been slacking in this area but we are back and in full effect! Look out for the Inside Scoop: Men series on HerGoodyBag twice a week! Ok now that I got that out of the way I recently asked a few of my male friends (shout outs will be given) if they could ask a woman some questions that are not sexual what would they are their responses with some commentary from me :-) (Pics of the guys are above their comments)

Donnell B. asked "Do you have any stretch marks? lol j/k Where do you see yourself in five years?"

Nique: D. Bolds also known as Boaty and Chocolate Thunder owwww! Ok lol at do you have any stretch marks...guess what they happen even with skinny chicks like myself...quite disturbing I know...but I expected something crazy from him because he is HILARIOUS probably the funniest person I know. I can remember the countless nights in college when Pierre, Mellissa and Donnell I cracked jokes...good times... but yeah ladies men love a woman who has goals. If you don't have any...get some.
Mike B asked "I like to know simple things that no one ever asks like what are you allergic to? What is your favorite deodarant? What was your last relationship like?" Mike B.

Nique: I will definitely tell you what I'm allergic too (mushrooms...I think) so you won't try to kill me when you cook. have coupons for Dove lol

Pierre H. aasked "Do you ever want to get married? Do you want to have kids? What are your religious beliefs if any? How strongly do you believe in those beliefs? Why do you like men?" Pierre said "J this is hard you know men are sexual said "I know P but try to think with your brain lol (At least I think that's what I said) But I was couldn't stop laughing when I read the other question....I could just see his face oh yeah update your facebook profile pic!

Joseph K asked "Why do females feel like they have to change something about a man? i.e. drapes, eating habits, who you talk to etc." Joseph K. also known as Officer King and my Smeds!

Nique: OK I was cracking up at the part about the have very little knowledge about interior decorating, but eating habits so that you can stay with us for a very long far as who you talk to...I'll make some suggestions lol, but we know what's best for you (I'm kidding)

Glady asked"What's your motivation? What is it that drives you to do what you do, and makes you want to succeed in life?" Glady-The Owzie Originator

Nique: Excellent question! You must be motivated! You need someone or something that will push you and keep you striving to reach your goals.

Otis F. "Why do women always have attitudes?" My Mr. Lincoln University

Nique: (we were the cutest Mr. and Miss Lincoln ever! We were so fly! Our outfits always coordinated or complimented each other without even I miss college...ok anyway) lol Otis! He used to always say "Janique is it that time of the month?" I used to get so mad, but now I realize I did have an attitude for no reason quite often. Those days are over though....Ladies keep the attitude to a minimum please, unless it is necessary thanks!

Oh yeah I "borrowed" their pics from Facebook and Twitter lol...I'm sure they won't mind

Ok so those are just a few questions some guys would ask that were not sexual. I think these are excellent questions because you can tell if a woman has a good head on her shoulders, if she is goal oriented, if she is spiritual, and so forth. All the qualities of a Goody Woman! I had fun doing this post...stay tuned for more!

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Tiffany said...

I'm glad to see guys come up with questions that don't involve my breast and booty! Good job ladies!