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Hair Chronicles: Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips!

Sunlight, chlorine, salt water and natural outdoor environmental stresses are major abuses for summer hair. To protect and preserve your natural, relaxed and color-treated tresses during the summer months, Mizani haircare expert and author of Textured Tresses, Diane Da Costa offers the following:

1. Making leave-in conditioners your number one friend. Apply Mizani ThermaStrength Style Serum before any enhancing styling creams, to detangle your hair, before you go to the beach or pool or before laying out in the sun. Mizani ThermaStrength acts a a protectant and buffer between your hair and the sun and thermal styling

2. To prevent dry, brittle hair during the summer months pamper your tresses with intense hydration treatments at least once per summer months. Mizani Moisturfusion Ultra Hydration System is a 15 minute express treatment that infuses Avocado oils, coconut and rosemary oils that will get you in and out of the salon in record time.

3. Lack of trimming or shaping your tresses during the summer months may cause split ends. To avoid breakage and split ends moisture your natural, relaxed or soften hair daily or as need with Mizani Butter Rich and Coconut Souffle, our new moisturizing hair creams. They are rich in Shea butter, coconut oil and do not contain any petroleum, mineral oil or lanolin, perfect for daily weightless styling and a great shine without a greasy feel.

4. Curly and wavy individual braids and extensions are the ultimate care-free style for summer months.

5. Natural foods and vitamins that are great for growing and maintaining healthy hair are vitamin A,B, C & D.....and avocado. Foods rich in anti-oxidants like pomegranate, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries help prevent shedding and hair loss. Other foods that are great for the hair are Seaweed, Salmon, Fish oils, fruits like carrots, oranges and grate fruit. Also beans like kidney beans and pinto beans that are rich in natural proteins.

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