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In Other News...

O.K so this legend is getting a reality show, I'm pretty sure I'm late but Ummmmm............. Can't wait to glance at it.....
Kendra's preg!
I'm happy for these two, although I feel they're moving a bit fast. Kendra Wilkinson, former "Girl's Next Door" star & fiance, Philadelphia Eagles, wide receiver, Hank Baskett are expecting & getting married, June 27, 2009...first comes love, then comes marriage, here comes Kendra with the baby carriage ...o.k so they changed a few steps lol
Another reality show, just this 1 is a bit weird. Keyshawn Johnson, former NFL star has his own reality show on A&E called "Tackling Design," which will follow him as he creates home interiors for clients. It's set to premiere July11.
So like are they or aren't they? one day a spokesman for him says ,"They are no longer a couple," then y'all all hugged up in his Birthday party Monday night & being all photographed shopping a an American Apparel on Tuesday...people, people please make up ya mind lol

I shouldn't even tell y'all what this fool talking bout,..."I love seeing my name on a woman's butt," he tells Ink magazine,"Ladies, if you want to impress me when you meet me, I need to see my name on your right cheek." Adding: "Girls have had tattoos of my face. One girl went & got her a** tattooed on her right arm...It's important to keep things tasteful.".... ~Ms.Francois

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