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Inside Scoop:Men (Being a Lady) Pt.4

Well ladies we've come to the absolute end of our "Being A Lady" Etiquette series but don't worry there is still a whole lot of Inside Scoop on Men to come...I know, I Know had you a Lil nervous for second. Common we wouldn't
just end it like that:), we would've warned you first....Stay Tuned

A woman who is LOYAL is a GO:a woman who always has her EYE OUT for the next best thing is a NOA Woman who UNDERSTANDS that a man validates his MANHOOD by who he is, what he does, & how much he makes, & who knows how to "G"/FINESSE her relationship so that her man feels like he's handling his business (& is HONESTLY DOING SO) is a GO: a woman who WIELDS her paycheck & influence like a sword & BELITTLES his career & financial contributions is a NO

A woman who takes a man's number but doesn't give him her own is a GO: a woman who hands out her home, work & cell phone numbers, e-mail address, Twitter, BBM plus her home address, to a man who's done nothing more but buy her a drink is a NO

Stat S.W.E.E.T.... don't forget these examples when BEING A LADY!


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