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Inside Scoop:Men (Being A lady) Edition Pt.1

When it comes to Dating, I'm pretty positive you have thought to yourself.... What do men look for in a woman? or What am I doing wrong, when it comes to dealing with a man? (hypnotize him & make him do whatever you want lol). Don't worry ladies, all hope is not lost, as long as you try to incorporate these examples when hunting for the opposite sex...I'm sure we all can relate to doing one or two things wrong on this list, but not anymore!

A woman who is dressed appropriately- has her goodies reasonably covered , but is still very sexy, is a GO: a woman who is scantily clad & dripping sex is a NOA woman who won't let you feel all over her body while your dancing is a GO; a woman who drops it like it's hot, putting on a dance floor performance is a NO

Could that be one of the reasons for their split?
A woman who COMMANDS respect is a Go; a woman who lets men get away with disrespecting her is NO

Point is ladies: always, BE A LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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