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Inside Scoop: Men (Being A Lady) Edition Pt.2

Hope you found the examples from yesterday very helpful...cont where we left off yesterday.....

A woman who can adapt to any situation thrown at her-she can hold her own in her career, in a restaurant, at a concert or public outing is a GO: a woman who can't put together a coherent sentence or makes it clear she has no interest in doing so is a NO
A woman who can hold a respectful, respectable conversation with a man & his MOTHER is a GO: a woman who QUIVERS at the prospect of having to talk to the matriarch of a man's family is a NO A woman who knows she wants to be married & raise a family & lets a man know this UP FRONT is a GO: a woman who doesn't have a plan for her relationship life beyond NEXT WEEKEND is a NO Keep these examples handy when going on a date or while you are getting to know a possible prospect...that is of course, if you intend on making him someone your serious about!

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