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Fiel's Great

Oh my goodness, it's already the second day of August, which means we're already approaching the end of Summer...WAIT, Not before my Flip Flop search has ended...Because Flip-Flops are a summer staple, wearing a flimsy rubber pair can make your feet & legs throb, especially when you walk fast & hard like I do, (my older sister April tells me that all the time). SOLUTION.... Fun & flirty Fiel Flip Flops. The handmade leather shoes are lined with memory foam to support your arches & ease pressure on your foot muscles... Fiels Great!
Post-stilettos, Heal your Heels in Fiels!

These are my pick, they look like they'd go with most of my Summer wardrobe

Celebs Eva Langoria Parker & Heidi Klum love & live in Fiel's Flip flops on there down time...I'm not saying you should follow in their FOOTSTEPS, literally, but I'm just sayin, is all :)


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