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Chains & Thangs

Chain Jewelry
More PLAYFUL then the average Gold Jewelry we're sporting this season....Here are some of my favorite finds.

Sid Vintage Jewelry Multi chain Ring $286 via
I thought this post had some mandatory must-haves until I stumbled upon this vintage treasure. I'd have to contemplate deeply when it comes to the price tag on it but it doesn't stop me from putting it top on my wish-list...doesn't everyone have dreams:) Lee Angel for Scoop Multichain Bracelet$12Juicy Couture Royal Romance Bracelet $95
I'm not really a big fan of the black ribbon, intertwined, while others may be...the ribbon kinda makes the bracelet's potential seem minimal...I do however have a thing for the charms on the end (lately I've been craving a lot of Charm Bracelets, I've really got a new niche for them)
Vintage Multi chain Bracelet
Need I say more...It's Vintage!

CC Skye Double Wrap Bracelet $300
The Black leather, intertwined, looks better, it heightens it's Quality factor

Givenchy Jewelry ,Runway Chain Charm Necklace

Two pieces from Sandi Shin's Jewelry Collection & there's so much more....every piece is ultra sexy & would turn a simple white tee instantly GLAM or add more GLAM to an evening gown. These aren't even all of the best style's, please visit the site because I couldn't post them all. Every piece, (there are so many to choose from ), exudes so much sexy. Each piece is made to order & is currently available at
Rei (From the Sandi Shin Jewelry Collection)
Toro (From the Sandi Shin Jewelry Collection)

Hilary Duff For Pantera Jewelry
Hillary, looks very nice in this advertisement. She appears STRONG & like she's entered WOMANHOOD, leaving behind her Disney teenage-sensation days. She has grown, matured & is now in a good place...without entertaining the scandals & media antics of course, GREAT JOB, Hilary Duff.
Dual Ring Maltese Cross in Diamonds 2,188
(As seen here on Hilary Duff & below as well) 2 rings connected by a chain, each having different charms to choose from which dangles on 1 end. Many of her pieces are loved by celebs like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian & Jordin Sparks. She just added Ms.Francois to her list of celebs, totally in love with 1 of her I love this ring... at first, I was a bit sceptical because it looks like it would slip off & be prone to get lost...then I realized, it wouldn't stop me from purchasing it. I would just be extra cautious, if I ever decided to own one. This ring is cute, dainty & interestingly unexpected...I'm sold!Vampire movie star Kristen Stewart (zoom in), rockin M+O chain Torsade necklace, $49.50 & Box chain Bracelet $150
I know her bed-head-hair look, is a mess but she has a good excuse....she stood in the rain for an hour, signing about down to earth.
Remember to go for light, thin pieces that embody both Edge & ware, you will definitely turn heads!

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