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Quik Fix

Rain appears to be on the forcast for the week, need a new quick & easy hair-do? On dry hair. Start with a wet-n-wavy hairspray, & a Fredrick Douglas part, (side part). Down tha sides, place two corn braids. Leave the braids in overnight, & in the morning (or as long as you can take them in) take out & mess up a bit... voila a Krinkly Kinkle! Your ready, it's pretty fast & easy to maintain I've been personally rockin it for two days (my beautician is on a two week vaca, she didn't even tell me she was goin either (curse words....))~Ms.Francois


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

hahahhaha... i've done this tooooooo many times! its so conveniant! lmao at your hair dresser dipping off with no heads up! :)

-Kelly of *AF*

HerGoodyBag said...