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Jet Setters: Flying the Clear Blue Skies

Ok so the summer time is pretty much vacation time. This is when everyone wants to jetset and go to a sunny beach in the caribbean or some where peaceful in Europe away from the hustle and bussle. With that being said you need to be prepared for the annoying checks at the airport, the air conditioned plane and so forth. If you have a long flight you want to be a comfortable as possible. People confuse comfort with sweats, a large t-shirt, and some sneakers. Ok if that's your "thing" then by all means "do you," but you can be relaxed and comfortable and stylish at the same time :-)

I love this look because it is casual and chic. The scarf and fedora adds that extra umph to the look. You the sandals are cute and easy to maneuver through a busy airport and also easy enough to slide on and off.

just... Street Style
This look is a bit more dressy but you can downplay with less jewelry. It is just a simple white tank and some linen pants. Linen is very comfortable in my opinon. They are roomy and allows room to breath and relax. I would add a pashmina or cardigan for the air conditioned plane in my carry-on
the summer when girls become beauties
This look is airport cool also because it is a simple tank with a pair of shorts and a cardigan. When flying simple is better. You can add a pair of shades to this look and you will definitely have that movie star appeal.

So here is the GoodyBag travel checklist:
1. Comfortable pants or a dress is optional...I love simple jersey/cotton dresses
2. Flats...cute sandals that can be put on as easy as they can be taken off or a pair of skippies
3. Cardigan or scarf for the cool air
4. Tank tops or layering t-shirts
5. Shades (optional) I prefer adds mystery lol
6. In your purse and/or carry-on you should have hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstik, lipgloss, mirror, makeup(optional)
7. a CHARGED iPod
8. Book or magazine
9. Laptop (optional)

The airport does have runways but not for you to strut your stuff like you are in Paris. You can be cute, stylish, and comfortable without the 4in heels. So keep the stilletos and club dresses in your suitcase or in your closet. Oh yeah keep the pajama pants (which should be worn at home) oversized sweatshirts, slippers, flip flops and socks, oversized t-shirts at home remember your clothes sometimes reflect who you are.

Happy Travels :-)


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