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Home Sweet Home

So a little birdy told me that Forever21 will be launching a Beauty and Home Decor/Furniture line later this year. I think Home Decor/ Furniture line is great because Forever21 is the perfect store for Fashionistas on a budget and we all know that rent everywhere, especially in New York, is sky high, so this is your chance to get your "Feng Shui" on at a decent price. As far as the beauty products are concerned, its really not a big deal. You can go to your local DuaneReade, RiteAid, Target, or localy beauty supply store and get great deals on beauty products.
But when Forever21 is not a mess, which is rare, the decor is actually pretty cool so I can't wait to see what I can add to my pad (yes I know that was cheesy please do not tell me lol). I'm actually pretty excited for this. I just hope its nothing like bean bag chairs covered in zebra print with neon yellow fringe, yeah that does not match my living room. We'll just have to wait and see what they bring to the table...literally.


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