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Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Ok so last week I think I did a post about why it is great being single in the summer, well I switched it up this week and here are great inexpensive dating ideas your those in a relationship
1. Watch a movie outside-there are many parks that show free movies during the summer
2. Play tourists-learn about your city! How many of you have actually been to the Statue of Liberty or the top of the Empire State building?
3. Street fair or Carnival

4. Be a kid again- play your favorite childhood games....I'm a beast at ConnectFour...seriously...I would stay away from Monopoly gets a little too competitive. Stick to games like Trouble, Sorry, I De-Clare War, you no the cute games

5. Go on a can make cute little sandwiches and pack a nice fruit salad
6. Go to the beach, or get a paddle boat and just drift into the sunset...that was so out of a movie
If you are in New York here are a few inexpensive places to go
1. ColdStone or Haagen Daz then take a walk along the promenade
2. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge...where comfortable me lol
3. If you do not mind a large crowd, probably with familiar faces, go to Habana Outpost
4. Prospect Park
5. The Bronx Zoo...its free on Wednesdays but tons of kids but it can still be fun

6. The Botanic Gardens
8. Central Park
9. Free Cooncerts at Wingate Park in Brooklyn
10. Coney Island Boardwalk

Very inexpensive and you get to spend great quality time with your significant other


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

smh u make me wanna boyfriend!!! well sike.....i can do that stuff with my girls! lol great suggestions!

thank hun

Kiyyah of *AF*

HerGoodyBag said...

lol sorry....that's how I felt when I did this post lol. But you are right you can have just as much fun with the girls! Maybe even more because you know sometimes these guys wanna act up lol.