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Do's & Don't's of Going Bare

1.Pick A Favorite Body Part To Accentuate
Look at pictures of yourself to determine what you want as your signature "reveal." I.e our First Lady, Michelle Obama signature reveal are her arms, nicely sculpted & toned. Remember not to neglect to balance that reveal with more demure everything else.
2. Stick With What Your Comfortable In
When sporting bare skin, everyone knows confidence is the best accessory. So don't wear strapless tops that won't stay up, or minis that won't stay down.
3.Address Underwear
Be sure to own at least one strapless or convertable bra that allows you to show off your bare back or shoulders. Unless it's a special piece that's meant to be seen, don't go for any visible lingerie. Go strapless, or keep the straps under wraps.

4. Check Out Your Toes
Point blank sandals need a pedi. Don't forget your heels, moisturize!

5. Know What Works & Doesn't Work For Work
Considering you can show a little arms & a bit of leg in the office if the overall effect is sleek, simple & chic. Under no circumstance think that what goes for night goes for day. It doesn't.

6. Keep Everything In Place
Move around in tiny clothes when you try them on to make sure nothing falls out... cleavage should be in front, never in the back.


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