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Oh Em Gee

I meant to post this a while ago when I first saw this on Bossip. These are the little girls that were on stage at the BET Awards with Lil Wayne and Drake. They are known as the "OMG Girlz"
Tiny and Toya thought it was a great idea to have their daughters in a girl group. I'm not sure if they rap, sing or do both, but they should not have been on stage while Young Money talked about F*&^(&( Every Girl in the world
Below is Lil Wayne and Toya's daughter Reginae
Another one of the girls in the group name???
Tiny and her daughter (not with TI) Zonnique

When I read this that was my exact expression. I hope Tiny and Toya really support these girls because the music business is dirty! I hope they get a stylist to because the 80s wild color look needs to be burried along with the colored weave. I just hope Tiny and Toya learned a lot from the BET Awards Experience and will choose their daughter's appearances wisely. The message of Young Money's song is not something pre-teens should accept. Supposedly the girls' music will be fun and age appropriate. I hope so, but I am not definitely feeling the see-through tutus with all of their goodies showing. They need to fix that asap!
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