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Do You Have Love For RayJ?

As much as I didn't want to get attached to this show, I did. The reunion aired Monday night,(kinda corny). I wasn't too excited about the winner but he was looking for someone who'd accept his crap, not the strong woman he claimed to be searching for. Nonetheless, Cocktail won, Danger claimed to be pregnant, which she later denied & might have an upcoming reality it's rumored. A little secret, shhhh there's suppose to be a, For the Love of RayJ 2 in the works, guess him & Cocktail didn't make it after all...stay tuned!
Cocktail wins!
She claims they don't talk everyday but do manage to text, & see each other twice a month.

1 comment:

Unbreakable said...

bla bla bla i dont even like this crap, i would have gone with her too, i think she looked the best every though she is crazy