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When The Money Goes

Fabolous and Jay-Z team up for the "When The Money Goes" video

Two of my favorite rappers. This was a real video. It had a story line that actually fit the song. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks on "Loso's Way" The song captures the essence of what true love and friendship is. "When the money goes, will the honey's stay. When the gray clouds replace the sunny days." We all face many trials and tribulations in life, but you know who is really down for you and has your back when you reach a road block. You see who will stick it out with you and help you get over that obstacle and you will see the person that will try to hold you back and prevent you from prevailing. This song goes beyond money....

I'm not sure if their beginning conversation was natural or scripted but this line right here... "Sometimes the best way to see a person is when you're not looking at them. If you look at them they are gonna be on their best behavior..." Man if that isn't the truth I don't know what is. Simple things like that show why Jay-Z is the best in the rap game.

What are your thoughts?


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