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Not Your Average Shoe

We often get random e-mails with the craziest things, and I came across an e-mail about one of my favorite things...SHOES!!!!! I found this video in which "regular" women wear the latest styles from the runways during Fashion Week. As we all know runway shoes are not meant for the mean streets of New York, Philly, Newark or any other city in the country. So a few women tried walking in these 'ARCHITECTURAL HEELS' and it was hilarious!

I wonder if women are going to actually try to wear these heels. They are not practical at all!!! I can just see myself in the emergency room with broken ankles! Certain things should just be left on the runway. Kudos to the models who strut their stuff down the catwalk in those shoes.

This just looks painful lol

I can see someone really wearing this is bag I take to the grocery store smh

This looks more like some type of bondage contraption rather than a shoe

Is this from Saw? or is it a prototype of some robotic High Heel?

Where would my toes go?

*Blank Stare* They look like they itch. Maybe the new version of UGGS

Cartons from the Chinese restaurant?

I actually like Giraffes, just not on my feet

I just don't understand these. Are they heel and ankle covers? smh

Creativity at its best!

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