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Trend Alert:Safety Pins

Safety Pin Trend...
I feel as if I'm a bit late, but a Trend has snuck right by me! I didn't even notice it but I have to say, it has grown on me. I've seen Safety Pins on celebs & Fashions before a little here & there but I never noticed that it was such a big Trend...I feel like I've been under a rock & as a Fashionista, I feel so ashamed to not have noticed sooner :(....Moving on, I really like this Trend. It's unique but not really, cuz in my heart, I feel like this has been being done, on the low for a while. "Coincidentally" Marc Jacobs started doing it in his Fall 2009 Collection & now everyone thinks it's such a big to-do, anyhow (I'm kinda soundin like I don't like it, I'm really diggin it, trust me)

Clutches by: Marc Jacobs, Safety Pins are also sold separately
mmmmmhhh Safety Pin Treats:)These Safety Pin Tasseled earrings in the corner, have a real Vintage type-a feel.
Even Hip Hop's Royalty Couple is up on the Trend...Yes Hov, love the hoodie
B is chillin in her Safety Pin dress, Black Booties & Avaitors

1 comment:

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I think I saw Hilary Duff with some Safety pin earrings on. Didnt think it was a trend. I just thought they were cute! lmao @ my slowness! :)

-Kelly of *AF*