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Rugged Flower Power

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been talking about Rihanna's floral dress and lace up open toe boots! I was asked to find dresses and boot similar to what Rih Rih is rocking, so here you go!
Knotted Black Floral Dress $22.80 Forever21
Luichiny Women's Nelly Open Toe Boot $56-$75 (depends on color)

Kimchi Blue Strapless Floral Dress $58.00 Urban Outfitters

Naja/Montana Calf $379 Juicy Couture
Lizzy Floral Print Knit Dress $22.80 Forever21
Women Towwer Lace Up Ankle Boot $159 Steve Madden


Pink said...

love the blogs . . . had to stop and sa that


~Pink Monkey

Juicy Carter said...

hey girls, i love those last boots, i was wondering where i could get some look-a-likes to those rihanna ones the other day, thanks.

HerGoodyBag said...

-Thanks Pink...We love your nightlife posts too!

-Juicy Carter...The last pair is from steve madden. You can click the link above the boot to purchase