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Inside Scoop Men: Red Flag Alert

Ok ladies, sometimes we go on dates and we think we have a lot in common with this one particular guy, but then he starts acting "funny." With the help of our friends and, we've compiled a list of red flags that will help you
"Ditch Him Before He Ditches You!"

1. He doesn't make much eye contact. That is just rude! He is definitely doing the Stevie Wonder head shake! This could mean that he doesn't like looking at you. Even if he is "shy" if he is attracted to you, he wouldn't be able to keep his eyes off of you.
2. If not looking at you isn't bad enough, if he doesn't comment on your beauty, you may want to breathe, stretch, shake and let him go. When you first start dating he may say you are beautiful, I love your hair, your eyes, your perfume, SOMETHING. If he doesn't compliment you then don't waste your time.
3. He keeps his hands to himself. Well I'm not saying he should act like the master groper, but there will be some casual touching. He may grab your hands, gently touch your shoulder or arm or even your back as you guys walk or chit chat.

4. If you are on a date and the waiter asks if you want another drink and he says "no we are fine" first smack him (just kidding) then say I can speak for myself. Obviously he is rushing to get rid of you so what you should do is no I'll have another martini. Drink it slow and then tell him you don't want to see him anymore lol. (that is pretty mean lol)
5. He doesn't seem interested in you. If he doesn't ask you questions about your life or your interests, he is probably self-centered and that is a definite red flag.

6. He does not mention a 2nd date. I've been on plenty of dates where the guy tries to setup a 2nd date during the 1st...If you mention that G.I. Joe is coming out he may say ok maybe we can catch a movie this weekend? Or You can say I just love Thai food he'll say ok maybe we can try get my drift? he'll say things like ok next week we can do this or go
here or see this etc.
7. He doesn't walk you to your car or if you didn't drive, doesn't offer to hail a cab and then when you part ways he gives you a handshake lol He is just pathetic then and you don't need a 2nd date with him anyway.

So ladies, if any of the flags are raised...even if you are in stilletos, you better RUN! Ditch him before he ditches you.

*Disclaimer, these red flags are not definite or set in stone. We are not responsible for potential breakups or any other relationship woes. Use this information at your own discretion lol

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