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Work-Out Plan

Still tryna get your six-pack on but don't have the funds for a gym membership. Here are 3 recession friendly ways, (are we still even in a recession? lol), to stay in shape...& They're All Free! With assistance from a few nearby sources, you'll be well on your way to being fit. Pace yourself & try to keep up!

*Dust off your library card. Borrow exercise DVDS from your library. Try them out at home... Buy any you love!
*You & a friend utilize your neighborhood park. If your not a fan of the parks in your area, look for nice parks, in nicer neighborhoods. Create a routine that consists of stretching, exercising, running or walking. You can motivate each other when you feel like giving up, like Cam & I use to do when we were on our workout tip.

By your self or with a friend tune into one of cable's fitness-all-the-time station. They feature a variety of aerobics routine's. You can't get bored

Some of y'all are already addicted to the try out Wii fitness


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