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In Other News: Weekend Recap

The beginning of this post will not be easy on the eyes.

Bey's romper is super cute but the hair...the hair...this is not diva status...I know you are working hard on the tour and all but the matted down weave is not a good look. She's making it a little difficult for me to STAN for her...smh
Was this taking in 1993? This must be a Harlem look because this is so not Brooklyn.
The socks? Really? I love the hoodie!

:-) Eye Candy :-) Trey Songz

1 comment:

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

lmaoooooooooo!!! lil mama looks like a super mario brother!!! hahahahahaha!!! i'm over here dyyyiiinnngg!!! :)

-Kelly of *AF*