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In Other News: Go Getters Edition

BET reportedly has a great line up of shows for the fall. One of the shows is a reality show is called "The Single" where the feature one artist per episode. The first episode is with Monica. This will not be another Tiny&Toya or Frankie & Neffie. Monica, who I believe has more class than the others, will document her time in the studio with various producers recording her fifth studio album. The show is called "The Single: Monica" I'll tune in to see what Monica is really like when all eyes are on her. Her clothing line "Regions of Rock" is also set to launch.

The Oh My Gosh Girlz (Tiny & Toya's daughters) are really a group. They recently had a performance in ATL and made a special appearance at the mall. That is big time for the little teenie boppers. I'm actually pretty curious to hear what they sound like.

Word on the street is that Janet-Ms. Jackson-If Your Nasty is set to publish her first book later this year. She will give her fans (and haters) an up-close and personal view of the most intimate details of her life as singer and actress, but also a daugther, sister, and a woman who has dealt with many issues. She is also reported to be working on "Why Did I Get Married?" the sequel and is working on a new album. Janet is one of my favorite entertainers so I can't wait to see all that is in store for us.


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Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I'm anxious to hear what these girls sound like too. I hope NOTHING like their mothers. SMH!

-Kelly of *AF