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Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure- something one considers pleasing despite feeling bad about enjoying it.
I am sad to say what my current guilty pleasure is.

Did you figure it out? Yessssss it is "LOL SMILEY FACE" Trey Songz feat. Gucci Mane and Souljah Boy. *embarrassed*

When I first heard this song I was so disappointed in Trey. I said how could he be apart of such trash, but then the same day that I heard it I went home singing it. I tried so hard to hate this song, but the catchy hook and beat lured me in. Don't get me wrong, the song is very clever, but This is so not music! How do you make a song about emoticons, text/web acronyms, and TwitPics? "Go to my page and follow if you got a body like a coke bottle" I am not a fan of Gucci Mane at all and so that made it even worse. I will not address Deandre (Souljah Boy). When I hear the song in my car, I turn it up so loud and if I'm at a red light I'm seriously dancing...smh. What has happened to me? What has happened to the music industry? We all have guilty pleasures so don't judge me LOL :-)

I guess anything goes now, but I better not hear a song about SMH or TTYL Then I would flip.



Anonymous said...

I'm guilty of loving this song too smh

HerGoodyBag said...

I'm glad I'm not alone!