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Daddy's Girls: Episode 3 Recap

As you all may know, here at HGB, we love the Simmons Sisters. Vanessa and Angela are true examples of what and HGB Go-Getter is. This episode of Daddy's Girls touched on many topics such as respect, dependency, and consideration. I really enjoyed this episode, although it was very scripted, the show was still relatable...except for camping...I've never gone, my ideas of camping have been tainted thanks to Jason, Michael Myers, and the other weirdo killers.
Since Danielle, Angela's best friend from childhood, has moved into their home in LA its been nothing but drama. She is very inconsiderate and lacks respect for other people's property and space. Vanessa's toothpaste was minimal compared to her having her dog eat cheetos off of Jessica's bed...smh. Although she wasn't welcomed from the start, we will not play the blame game for who's fault it was for her leaving (her own). I think Danielle's "visit" taught valuable lessons, just because you are friends doesn't mean you can live with each other. I'm pretty sure their friendship will be stronger if she was back in New York, because she was beginning to cause tension between everyone in the house. Jessica was a little rude when she told her to sleep on the couch though...that was funny. Danielle also taught Angela that she needs to be more responsible and speak up instead of being deceitful and going behind people's back. I think if Angela was upfront and Danielle was more considerate she would've fit right in with the girls.

Angela and Vanessa's friend Lynn (not pictured) convinced the girls to go camping. Now Angela and Vanessa are truly Hollywood!!! Who packs a crimping iron and flat iron when they go camping in the woods? I was with Jessica like "where are you going to plug up your hair tools?" I just shook my head. Where's the bathroom? you have a plethora of trees to choose from. Oh, and who fries fish with a stick over an open flame? lol The cell phone scene was hilarious because I would be just like them, especially Angela with her salad and tent. This shows how dependant this generation is on technology. Some people are just not cut out for the frontier. Kudos to the people who actually go camping and love the great outdoors, but that's just not my cup of tea. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good show.



Michelle said...

I didn't even think to break down the show like you did. I was just watching because they are funny lol

HerGoodyBag said...

I analyze everything! So that's how I came up with my little synopsis.