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Tyra Banks, (I thought she hung up her modeling card), NYC photo shoot for the Tyra Banks Show....WORK IT OUT GIRL!!!!!!!!!Like, Duhhhhh

Very Modelesque...she looks flawless, like a mannequin
Goodie Girls Here!:)

Oh no she didn't

Yes Tyra, Oprah watch out....these pics are lovely. The bright colors look so vibrant & she's thrown some trends up in there too, i.e Royal Blue & Black Snakeskin Pumps, Her Bright Royal Blue Jumpsuit, Bold Yellow Skinny Belt...did I miss any? I love the fact that she's not stoppin here. Could Tyra be the next Gossip Girl? On this upcoming season Banks will play Ursala Nyquist, a larger-than- life actress who Serena (played by Blake Lively) must control at the premiere of her latest movie says her rep. This is what real Role Model Skills look like:)


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