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You're Turning Me On

Ok so yesterday I did the Turn Offs well here are a list of realistic Turn Ons. The Turn Ons were just as funny as the Turn Offs but I think these are the most helpful. Once again nothing sexual...there are other blogs for that....just go and google them.

Turn Ons
1. Personality is very important. Look for easy-going, easy to be with, low maintenance.

2. Confident, fun, strong - yet kind- women

3. Takes care of herself- mentally and physically

4. Makes decisions based on what is good for her, not to please me or someone else

5. Is positive and can be part of a healthy give-and-take relationship...remember it is not all about you!!!

6. Attractive and has style and class

7. Is a good friend, easy-going. easy to be with

8. Is upfront and communicates feelings/wants/needs clearly and directly...the key words are CLEARLY AND DIRECTLY LADIES. Stop giving hints and just say what you want and how you feel.

9. Comfortable with herself/her body/her decisions
10. Throws down in the kitchen! Do not kill him with your salty pork chops ladies. If you are not so good in the kitchen...go ask Big Momma or take a culinary class

Other Turn Ons include:
1. Matching Panty and Bra sets (did you miss the Victoria Secret's Semi-Annual sale?)
2. Women who support their men and not try to act like their mothers
3. Pretty feet
4. Au Natural----take it easy on the lacefronts, the colored contacts, and the tons of makeup.

I love these trending topics on twitter! Ladies stay tuned I have more GOODIES for you about what men REALLY WANT! This should be interesting!



Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I'm over here cryyyyying laughing at the "take it easy on the lace fronts, colored contacts and heavy makeup." !!!! Soooooo true though! This is cool! Keep em coming! :)

-Kelly of *AF*

HerGoodyBag said... don't understand how much I hate lace fronts! OMG everyone is not Beyonce and Tyra...theirs look good lol but yeah guys don't like that.