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You're Turnin Me Off

So last night on twitter was CRAZY!!!! The popular trending topic was Turn Ons and Turn Offs. The responses I read were HILARIOUS!!! Some responses left me thinking ok this why you are single...others left me saying OH EM GEE! So I compiled a list of the most realistic Turn Offs for guys. Ladies take notes. Oh nothing on this list will be sexual...I'm not trying to be in your bedroom business...there are other blogs for that
Turn Offs
1. Trying to hard to please him....Ladies men are simple!
2. Talking about your ex.....Ladies unless he asks....please don't mention how Tyrone did you dirty....they hate that! (I was guilty of this before)

3. Being too conservative or being too other words...Try not to be so stuck up and don't act like a smutty buddy. It is ok to be professional and it is ok to express your sexual liberation but be tactful
4. Don't pressure him into talking about "his feelings" Ladies we need to understand that men do not communicate like us and we can't expect them too, but don't nag and ask constantly well how do you feel....ummm yeah if you want to keep him or get him don't do that.

5. Don't try to change him!!! Ladies he is grown (or should R. Kelly's over here) He is old enough to make his own decisions. If you need to try to change him then you don't need to be with him. You can't make him into the man you want. Accept him for who he is flaws and all.
6. Crusty feet....yuck!! Ladies keep it together, get your scheduled Manis and Pedis. He does not like how sand paper feels against his legs!

7. Sloppiness! Please buy clothes that fit! No muffin tops hanging out or pants that are so tight he can see the cellulite in your butt or your legs!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

8. Women who do not maintain a presentable appearance. You never know if he is going to surprise you at the hair salon or at home so make sure you are not rockin your sweats with stains from 1920 and holes all in your bueno
9. Uneducated women. A man actually appreciates a woman who is educated and who can articulate herself. Please don't sound like Toya and Tiny....Baaaaaaaabaay
10. Don't play the role of the victim! Stop complaining about everything! The world is not against you!

Other Turn Offs include:
1.Selfishness-it is ok to treat your man to a nice meal once in a while
2. Overbearing insecurities
3. Being too needy and clingy
4. A woman who cannot cook....ladies remember the way to a man's heart is through his stomach
5. A woman who is not stylish.....we can help you get your style game together!

There were a bunch of other tweets, but ladies I think these are the most helpful!

Stay tuned for the Turn Ons and other topics dealing with men and dating!


Necole said...

Haha...loved this post!

HerGoodyBag said...

Thanks! We have a lot more coming! Stay tuned!