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You Better Work It Out!

Found this little article on BlackVoices...I know that it will definitely help those who get their work out on

Most women I know have issues with their hair after working out -- save those with braids or a very short cut (think Amber Rose). Those with perms, weaves, wigs and even locs complain that the heat, combined with the sweat and having to essentially redo your hair each time you work out, is an issue. Celebrity stylist Caprice Green gives us five ways to keep our hair fresh while working out, including products she swears by!

Caprice Green: These tips are not surefire, but they will assist you in maintaining a decent style at least until your next salon appointment. Ready?

1. PONYTAIL, PONYTAIL, PONYTAIL!Don't be afraid to pull your hair back into a ponytail.This will discourage your hair from curling up at the roots. It's easier to smooth out the crinkle from the ponytail holder than it is to smooth out your entire hair at the roots.

2. WRAP, WRAP, WRAP!After your workout, before you shower, wrap your hair and top it with your favorite silk scarf. This will smooth out any hair that may have gotten a little damp during your workout.
3. Only Use Heat If Absolutely Necessary. If your hair is not the type to cooperate, be sure to mist hair with a nontacky thermal protectant prior to whipping out your flat iron. My favorite right now is CHI Thermal Protectant because it is essentially weightless. Excessive heat use breaks down the bond in your hair and will eventually result in breakage. If your edges are still being unruly, my go-to product is HICKS TRANSFORMATIONS Smooth Edges. When used sparingly, only on edges (hairline), the result will look like you just got a fresh relaxer! Love it!

4. Skip the Bone-Straight Look and Try a Style With Body. Once your pin-straight style begins to swell from the five miles on the treadmill (or two miles in my case): * try taking 1/2 inch partings* lightly spritz each section with a lightweight setting lotion (i.e., OPTIMUM) keeping one inch off of your roots to avoid any additional curling* smooth lightly misted hair onto perm rod, again roll to one inch away from roots* sit under dryer until completely dry...or else face the frizz!* once dry, carefully remove rods and separate each piece two to three times with a small amount of shine drops on your finger tips (an excellent, nongreasy brand is by KENRA). The result will be a full-bodied almost naturally curly look.
5. Succumb to the Curl!There is a plethora of products on the market right now designed to enhance your specific curl pattern. My absolute favorite is the MIXED CHICKS line, specifically the leave-in, but for optimum results start with the shampoo and conditioner.* For a thicker, kinkier texture, opt for MISS JESSIE'S Curly Pudding.* If you don't have a curl pattern at all, skip the relaxer and opt for a texturizer. Begin to discover how to work with the natural pattern of your hair.
Try DESIGN ESSENTIALS Compositions Foaming Wrap Lotion to set your hair into a more natural-looking style.All in all, no advice is foolproof. Just don't sacrifice your workout while trying to maintain your hair style. Be brave and try something new! (All products mentioned in article can be found online or in your local beauty supply.)
I always wrap my hair or rock a pony tail when I work out and it does ladies give it a try and let us know what worked for you :-)
Article VIA BlackVoices


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

yess!! that makes total sense!!! greaatttt blog! ill see how it works at the gym tomorrow!!!


Kiyyah of the *AF* girls

HerGoodyBag said...

No problem! I know how much it sucks when my hair doesn't last. I'm glad I found it!