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Tiny and Toya

Where do I begin....
Tiny & Toya premiered yesterday at 10pm. As much as I hate "reality" shows, I had to tune in. I understand that both Tiny and Toya had rough lives, but I don't appreciate how they portray black women. They are being portrayed as uneducated females who rely on men for their survival. They don't seem strong or empowered, its like they depend on Wayne and T.I. for life. I believe you cannot put your livelihood or happiness in the hands of others. The only person that you can trust with that is God, but that's an entirely different postEveryone that knows me, know that I am a borderline feminist lol. I am all for empowering females, and I am not trying to bash Tiny or Toya, but for them to be representatives of Black Women, they need to understand the power that they have at the moment and try to change the stereotypical views of black females from the "ghetto." I'm from one of the "ghettoest"parts of Brooklyn but no one would no because of how I carry myself. People call me bougie, but just because I speak proper English (at times lol) and just because I am not easily amused by the bufoonery that goes on in the ghetto that doesn't make me bougie. I knew growing up I wanted more than what Brownsville had to offer me and so I was determined to become the opposite of what I saw. Don't get it twisted though, the Brownsville will come out of me in a heartbeat, but I try to keep that side undercontrol lol. Tiny and Toya probably fell victim to their "hoods" but it is never too late to change, because you don't have to accept what you've been accustomed too. When Tiny said she wanted to work but T.I. didn't want her too, I wanted to jump t hrough the TV and shake her! He should not have that type of control over you! While he is out doing God knows what with God knows who, you are at home with your kids and Toya looking ridiculous.
There is a lot more that I can say about this show, but I would need a book. I am going to watch the entire season to see how they transform into women who do not need to rely on their successful spouses to make a living, but I really want BET to rethink what they show on TV that represent black people, women in particualr, as a whole. I give them credit for doing this show because it is not easy being vulnerable and under constant scrutiny, but ladies get a speech coach and learn how to enunciate. That would make a big difference. I hope the message that they are trying to get across is not misconstrued by the young black females in today's society. Having a baby at 14 is not easy and having a baby by a person that is incarcerated is not easy either. Girls today should look at Tiny and Toya and see that they are now trying to start life anew and they are well in their 20s and possibly 30s (Tiny). Hopefully they confuse the message with trying to get pregnant by a rapper so they can get Louis Vuitton bags and drive around in a Honda Accord. Let's see where the rest of the season goes.

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