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Simone Says....Shave Your Head

Ok so the girls over in the UK have been doing this for years...thanks Kesh...but recently Cassie and LaLa have jumped on the bandwagon. Guess who got the "I'm gonna shave my head" bug next....RIHANNA!!!!!

Her confidence allows her to pull off any look! Ladies this is where we need to be if we are not there yet. (I'm talking about confidence not shaving your head)
Cute booties!
Cute earrings and shades
I must say...she is OWNING THIS LOOK!!! As much as I don't want to like it because it has become too trendy...Rihanna's (I can't believe I'm using this word) swag is impeccable! She is really owning this ROCK STAR look. I can't believe she did this. It is not like Miss Fenty to (I can't believe I'm using this either) "swagger jack" but she is definitely in a league of her own now.

Now I'm going to be forced to see 3001 chicks walking the streets of New York with this look. Ladies, it is great to take chances and risks, but seriously think about your future and your careers before you go shaving your head. These celebrities can afford to have $1000 wig created for them if they want to switch up their look. I am not one to follow hair trends, besides the bang or a bob, but if you do more power to you! SEND US THE PICS of you rockin your new "do"

What do you think?

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