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Making His Band

So Making His Band premiered last night on MTV. As you all know I love Making The Band, but I wasn't too sure about how I felt about watching Diddy during his creative process. I am not too fond of him as an artist but I love to watch him as a business man. It was pretty cool to see a more humbling side of Diddy. That side of him is rarely shown because most of the time he is not the artist, he is the music mogul so he is in MOGUL MODE. I have to honestly say that I am excited about this show. I already have my band picked lol but I can't wait to see how the show unfolds. I can be a very competitive person, so sometimes it excites me to watch other people competing. I love to see people who will not stop until they get what they want. That is the ultimate motivation. If you see people out there on their grind you get your act together go after what you want.
I am also excited to hear music from the group Dirty Money (Diddy, Dawn, Keleena). He is so confident in his new style of music he has created and when you are excited and passionate about what you do it trickles down to those who support you. If you are not excited about what you are doing you can't expect other people to be carry that same emotion. I am not too big on reality shows, but I definitely have this on the season pass lol. I can't wait for the rest of the season. The talent on this show is pure amazing!!! The violinist is sick! Jamareo and Joy are my favorites, even Brockett is pretty cool, the SHIM scares me though. I will be tuned in next Monday at 10, will you?

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