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Life with the Goody Girls: July 4th Weekend

Our weekend actually started Thursday July 2!
Here's Marie who really killed the boyfriend jean look!
She paired her Boyfriend Jeans with a fitted tank and her skippies
I just went for the casual look in my Chambray dress, black sandals, and wine colored bag

We didn't make it to "Checkers" like we planned but here is Marie at this Thai Restaurant on Smith St.
I could never get the hang of Chopsticks

Our Spring Rolls
Fried Calamari
Curry Puffs
The food was good, but I've had better
Here I am at NY Perks after work mixer. We got there around 5:30
3 for 1 drinks. Had to get our money's worth
This DJ was killin it!
Here we are!
So Friday I went to Pop Burger for a birthday get together for one of my sorors
The fries were DELICIOSO (a lil spanish for ya'll)
My homegirl ShellyBellyBrownSnuggaMuffin came along with me
The burgers were so tiny but they were juicy!
This was so good!
I didnt' catch her name but she looked really cute!
This is actually July 4th. I took Marie to "Battle of Sparta" a Greek Basketball tournament at JHS 113 in Brooklyn. She looked fab in her high-waisted shorts, skippies and classic white shirt
Close up pic!
Later that night I went on the "3-The Hardway BoatRide" sponsored by the Sigmas, Kappas, and Alphas! I had sooooooooooooo much fun!!
Here I am with my soror Gabby in the middle and my line sister Robyn

All legs!!!


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Robyn said...

Zzzzz-Phiii! I luv it. This post really makes it look like you had a fabulous weekend ;-) lol. j/k Miss u already. Had a blast!