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$5 Gets You More Than Just A Sandwich

Facials for $5
Beauty Guru Sandra Ciminelli was on Fox5 News Tuesday sharing her secrets on how to get a great facial for $5! Many of these ingredients you have in your home, if not pick them up on your next trip to the grocery store! Take out a pen and paper and write down your next shopping list
Mineral Salts mixed with any type of oil...even olive oil can be used as a body scrub. It is great if you want to exfoliate. It is so good for the skint that it can even break up CELLULITE!

Crushed pineapple is great for oily skin. The pineapple breaks up the oil on the skin and eating pineapple cleanses the body internally by breaking up the oils inside
For dry skin use Honey. It will revitalize your skin and give hit a healthy glow
Plain yogurt is great with fresh fruit and granola
But when mixed with cucumbers it makes a great mask! Combine the yougurt and chopped cucumbers and apply as a mask for 20 minutes and your skin will be unbelievably soft and smooth!
This ingredient isn't new to the beauty world, but using an avocado mask will give you a healthy and beautiful glow.
So have slumber party with your girls and give each other facials...let us know what works for you! Until next time :-)

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