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Pt: 4 Top 10 Trends

Crazy Shadow
The perfect way to start the first day of the weekend, Bold & Beautiful!
To add just a little edginess, draw black pencil along the upper lashes, then trace a line of brightly colored shimmery shadow above it.
Red Lips
Designers believe crimson lipstick conveys strength."Red lips make you feel powerful,". Wear it glossy & bright or how it's worn frequently on runway's, deep & velvety, kinda how I like it. A bold statement! I'm absolutely in love with this says so much, in such a little way. (Sometimes if I don't feel so hot, I put it on for an energy booster, it works every time!) For a softer look, apply the color just in the middle of the lips, then spread it over the mouth with your finger/brush so there are no hard edges. Mac also taught me, when purchasing my, Mac matte "Ruby Woo" lipstick, finish it with a crimson liner (or coordinating color).


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