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Goodies Alert: Parvenu de Michel

Parvenu de Michel...say that three times fast...well you may want to because it is the name of the next big movement to hit New York City. Created by Michael Bunting, Parvenu de Michel's goal is to create a bridge between social classes. The company was created based on a person's life according to the socioeconomic status, so it is the journey from class to high class to the pinnacle of the socioeconomic ladder. It aims to enhance a person's life through fashion, music, art, and media. It is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle. I had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO, Michael Bunting, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and my friend from High School. He describes himself as a clothing connisseur, evolutionist and just simply passionate. I am impressed not only with him as a person, but with the mission and goal of Parvenu de Michel.

Goody Bag: What inspired you to create Parvenu de Michel?

Michael Bunting: It is based on our lives on the socioeconomic tip meaning our journeys from low class to upper-class, and now that we feel that we are at the pinnacle of the socioeconomic ladder. We created a bridge between all the classes Parvenu de Michel. New York has a lot to do with my inspiration. It is something about New York. The way the peoppl carry themselves from the way they dress to their accents. New York is a unique place where anyting can be found. Oh and it's my birth place.

GB: Lol...Was New York your only inspiration?

MB: I have been inpsired by other designers, family, friends, and our current president.

GB: Describe your line in three words

MB: Inspiration 4 your soul...3 words 1 number

GB: Lol that was clever. The message is definitely inspirational, people need to know they can always reach the highest point.

MB: Yeah while in rout to the highest, we tend to forget our previous stage in life and those stages help us reach the top of the socio-economic ladder and the bridge is Parvenu de Michel

GB: What makes Parvenu de Michel different from the other 30 million clothing lines?

MB: A clothing line that everyone will feel comfortable wearing. I mean everyone plus every product line that we introduce 20% of that lines product will go to a charity. It will help be that change that our current President asked for It will serve a purpose.

GB: I am definitely going to check out Parvenu de Michel. Where can our readers get more information on the line?

MB: Our website is and the clothing line will be available in various boutiques in New York City and Philadelphia, and online stores.

GB: Michael it has been a pleasure interviewing. You are definitely bringing something new to the fashion world....definitely inspirational.
MB: Well here at Parvenu de Michel we stay on your blog every day. You help us make important decisions on the styles, cuts, and fabrics for the ladies. We really would like to thank you for the interview and to you and the women that are going to support Parvenu de Michel's future endeavors.



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