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The "Google Me Baby," Super Sweet Sixteen, Star Trek princess, teen celebrity Teyana Taylor took some new photos for her new single...Complicated (I Think lol) On her twitter page she wanted someone to leak one of her songs and yesterday she was upset that her songs were leaked, but isn't that what you wanted Miss Taylor? *shrugs*

Miss Taylor is seems to always be in the right places at the right time, but she never seems to be doing anything from the perspective of an artist so I guess this was long awaited
She posted all of these pics via her twitter page and asked her fans to select the best pic for her new single I am not sure how old she is...I think she's 18, but how do you feel about these pics?

She styled herself for this shoot, but do you think she's taking the sex sells theme too far? Is this the "look" of a teenage star? Share your thoughts while I go and do some sit-ups because her abs are crazy!

Teyana Taylor Complicated Leaked Single


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