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Single & Satisfied Pt. 5

Engage in the Extra-curricular Activities
Being single gives you prime opportunities to engage in activities that you enjoy…by yourself. Love to cook? Why not register for a culinary class at your local community college to perfect your chef skills. Want to conquer your fear of the water? Sign up for a swimming class at the neighborhood YMCA. Not only are these excellent ways to past your time but you just might meet a new cutie pie there.
Try yoga...very relaxing
Feel Sexy in a salsa class

Learn how to cook...remember the way to a man's heart is through his stomach


Anonymous said...

can you really find a boo in yoga

HerGoodyBag said...

Hey you never know. The classes are unisex. It allows you to relax so you are not focused on looking for a boo and he may be next to doing the downward facing

The goal is not to find the boo it is to be in tune with yourself. When the boo comes you are not going to have that me time