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Who Wears Short Shorts Pt. 2

I love wearing shorts!! Many people feel that short shorts are trashy and if worn with heels can send the wrong message (I'm so not a street walker), but if they are worn tastefully, you will definitely turn heads. So ladies break out the baby oil gel, get those legs shining because once the warm weather finally breaks (for good, not this yucky rain) you will be the head turners and jaw droppers....eeeeoooowwww (pronounced like meow but without the M-I'm silly this morning)
When wearing short shorts, you must have balance. You do not want to wear a tiny tight top because you are showing too much of the goodies. If you go short, wear a larger, loose fitting blouse to balance the look.
Spiegel Bowtie Blouse:; Linen Short:; Alexander McQueen Handbag:; Alexander McQueen Heels:; Bamboo Earrings:
I think this is my fav! Very safari...brings out the tigress lol
Blouse by Vanessa Bruno:; Shorts by Alberto Biani:; Clutch by Devi Kroell:; Heels by Jimmy Choo: net-a-porter; Betsey Johnson Earrings:; Bangles:

Ok this may be my favorite! I love the contrasting patterns in the shoes and the tank!
Linen Blazer:; Tank:; Earrings:; Shorts:; Burberry Clutch:; Heels by Christian Louboutin:

Shirt:; Shorts:; Platforms:; Earrings:; Handbag:; Betsey Johnson Bracelet:; Gold Bangle:



Spry said...

Love the shorts ladies! Keep it up!

HerGoodyBag said...

Thanks Spry!