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Memorial Day Weekend 2009 In NYC

Unfortunately, this year we are not taking any trips Memorial Day Weekend :-( No Miami...No Cancun (darn swine flu and kidnappings) and No DR. If you are staying in the city like us, here are a list of events that are going on this weekend.

Dance Africa - We both are dancers and Marie has actually participated in this event before. It is AMAZING!!! Very cultural. The food is great, the performances are great, the atmosphere is just all around great. This is a 4-day event kicking off Friday May 22, 2009 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Do you love a man in uniform? Well Fleet Week is for you. From Wednesday May 20, 2009- Wednesday May 27, 2009 Sailors and Marines will be flooding the streets of NY. There are parades, ship tours, and much more. Check out the ships at the South Street Sea Port.

What female doesn't love shopping? Take advantage of the Memorial Day sales at stores like Lohemann's, Macy*s, and the infamous Woodbury Commons
If you are into art check out the Lower Third Avenue Spring Festival Third Avenue between 6th and 14th StreetsWashington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit University Place on Saturday.
On Sunday Livable West Side Festival Broadway from 72nd to 86th StreetsTimes Square Fair 7th Avenue between 47th and 57th StreetsWashington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit University Place

I am definitely going to Dance Africa to see what the street vendors have to offer!

If All else fails, get together with a couple of your friends who didn't travel and have a picnic or BBQ in the park.

We will definitely keep you posted with other events for the weekend!!


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Unbreakable said...

Thanks so much, you just game me some good things to do, with my old self