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Vintage Heads Rejoice!!!!!!!!!!

My baby sis, (Me-Me, she hates when I call her that around people, so Mary) came hme to visit from college & ask that I accompany her on her shopping outing...since there had been a few vintage stores I wanted to check out anyway, I saw this as a great oppurtunity to do so. Our destination, Williamsburg...first stop was Flores Antique Clothing. They had some great things inside, especially a nice selection of vintage boots. Although they had some nice stuff, I did feel they were a bit pricey for a vintage store...nonetheless I do have my eye on a bag I'm going to get!

Flores Antique Clothing
529 Grand street
Second Stop...Treasures oh my!!!!
I've heard of this vintage store from my older sister, (April), read about it in AM New York, & The Voice but never did I imagine I 'd love it so dam much. It's one of the best vintage stores I've been to. It's ginormous, with color assorted racks, great prices (very recession friendly) & has a huge accessories & shoes section. All I can remember hearing is the sweet sounds of hangers hitting the sides of the racks & "OMG, that's this or that". They even have a friendly bulldog mascot, he's not so cute but his vintage assemble is. I did manage to get a cute new bag & elastic, had too much to eat, friendly What an experience!

Beacon's closet

Park slope
92 5th ave.

Wiliamsburg (this is the one I went to, I hear it's bigger than the Park Slope location)
88 n.11th st.

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