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Girl Power Pt. 3-Greatest Love of All

Song: 'Free Your Mind'
Performer: En Vogue
Sheer Lyricism: "Free your mind, and the rest will follow. Be color blind. Don't be so shallow."

Song: 'If I Were Your Woman'
Performer: Gladys Knight, Stephanie Mills and Alicia Keys
Sheer Lyricism: "If I were your woman and you were my man, you'd have no other woman. You'd be weak as a lamb."

Song: 'I Will Survive'
Performer: Gloria Gaynor
Sheer Lyricism: "You think I'd crumble, you think I'd lay down and die. Oh, no, not I. I will survive."

Song: 'Video'
Performer: India.Arie
Sheer Lyricism: "And I know my creator didn't make no mistakes on me. My feet, my thighs, my lips, my eyes, I'm loving what I see"

Song: 'The Greatest Love of All'
Performer: Whitney Houston
Sheer Lyricism: "No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity."

I love this song! I am no songstress, but when I hear this song I gets busy lol...well at least I think I do


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