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Jay-Z: Blueprint 3 and Run This Town video

This is the track listing for "Blueprint 3"

This album is going to be crazy! His features are ridiculous. Jay has spent quite some time crafting this album so I know it is going to be another classic! He is not even concerned with record sales either, having his album drop on a Friday. Well I'll wait patiently for
September 11, 2009 to come. Until then check the video for

"Run This Town" featuring Kanye West and Rihanna

I'm glad we are getting back to making videos instead of just using a green screen and butt naked women. It takes a Veteran to bring back real music and not conform to what's trendy. This is why he is the best!



Anonymous said...

I am not feeling RiRi's voice at all but cool video.

HerGoodyBag said...

Yeah her voice does become a little annoying but she looks great in the video