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Tell Me Have You Seen Him....

Ok so unfortunately most, if not all, women have been subjected to some type of heartbreak. Whether its a guy cheating on you or just not returning your calls, the warning signs are always there.
So with the help of my friends, who will remain anonymous for this post, I have compiled a list of answers for this question "How does a guy let a woman know he is not/no longer interested?" If he is not mature enough to tell you things are not working out, this is what he will do...
1. He will talk about how he feels about other chicks. In the words of Stephanie from full house (pouty lip and all) "How rude!" He is trying to tell you that you are no longer the "apple of his eye"

2. He will become like Casper and disappear. He will not show any signs of life or activitiy on sites like twitter and facebook. You will really think something happened to him, until you forget about him or find someone else to occupy your time. I personally think this is really immature, but apparently some men are.

3. He will not e-mail, call, text, or bbm. He won't respond to your e-mails, calls, texts, or bbms. This is part of his disappearing act.
4. If he does call or text, he won't bring up getting together with you. If you text him and his responses are just "oh, ok, cool, nothin, chillen, that's wassup, alright, haha," He is giving you the warning signs ladies and you should, in the words of Carlton from The Fresh Prince, MAKE LIKE A BANANA AND not worth it trying to make something work that you know isn't even worth it.
So if he is doing any of the above, leave before your heart is really in it. If he does this during a relationship...Steve McNair him lol I AM JOKING!!!!! Don't kill him, but save yourself from further emotional pain and distress. Take his picture, tape it to the door and throw darts at it. Ok I'm joking about that to, but don't fret know that you are BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS, AND FIERCE and pray that God will send you a man mature enough to handle situations like these.
So ladies stay tune for more...The Inside Scoop: Men


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

haha!! great blog Nina wrote on similiar to this u should check it out and its so true!! dont make someone a prioirity when you are just and option!!!

Kiyyah of the *AF* girls

Anonymous said...

I see you are becoming an expert on men huh Nique!!!!! Well unfortunately some of them stay that way when they are well into their OLD AGE!!!!


HerGoodyBag said...

Kiyyah, I could not have said it better myself, and often times, women accept being options. Its sad!

Sandra I am no expert lol but I know that some men will never grow up but these are the tricks of the trade...according to some of my friends. I think I need new ones lol