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Summer Love

Ok so Summer is the season of love. You see couples on the beach, in the park, at family gatherings. Awww it is tooooo kuh-yute!!! But for some, its like "Do they really have to kiss every 3ft...give me a break"...but since I got such great feed back from the "Single & Satisfied" series I bring you the top reasons why it is great to be single in the SUMMER!!!

1. You do not have to answer to anyone. You don't have to worry about your boyfriend not wanting you to go out. You just have a great time. Only feelings that matter are yours!

2.You become a man magnet Owwwwww. Lets be real, when it gets hot, you show a lot more skin and a lot more guys are looking and not just the creepy old dudes outside with tight denim shorts and an opened button up shirt showing their gut...yuck!
3. More time with the girls! There is always that one friend that gets the exclusive invites and calls you last minute to check out an exhibit at the museum...go and have fun!

4. You'll sleep better (if you don't have an AC lol) Ok so if you do not have an air conditioner do you really want the extra body heat in the 90 degree weather? I think not...

5. You have more time to try something new. For some reason the summer time is the perfect time try new things. Revisit an old hobby or pick up a new one.

6. The man candy is out! lol yes I said man candy. When you are walking the streets of Union Square you have all of the little outside cafes, street festivals, movies in the park, picnics and BBQs...if you go looking you will find your "Mr. GoodBar" lol
So ladies enjoy the summer! Learn more about YOU! Appreciate your own company by going to the beach...bring a big floppy hat and your iPod. Appreciate your own company by going to the park with your favorite book. Check out a movie or spend some quality time with family and friends. Enjoy this time and worry about boo loving in the winter.

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