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So This Is What Happens When I'm Gone?

Ok so I'm back from my getaway. This was definitely one of the best vacays I've had in a very long time. Despite me losing my camera and my favorite pair of black sandals (don't ask) I had a fantastic time. So I promised my friends I wouldn't text, tweet, blog, facebook, bbm or anything like that. I am the social networking butterfly of the crew so they pretty much put me in exile. Now that I am back, I realize I missed out on A LOT during this week.
Ok ummmmm, I've seen pics of Solo with short hair before when she was pregnant. It was like a little mini fro and it was was cute. I think this look will definitely have to grow on me. The shaved head definitely ages her, but I'm pretty sure Solange will make it work or get a lacefront. In the meantime Solo I do suggest you get you a nice durag, some wave grease, and a good brush...we gotta get those waves spinning!
Its still growing on me....the boots are cute though

This is the Usher I like. I forgot how good he looks dressed up. I was distracted by Tamika and the crew.
Not too many men can pull off this look with all of the different patterns, but Mr. Raymond's style is phenomenal...he definitely pulled this off. Fellas don't try this at home
LaLa Vazquez as a burlesque dancer for Derek Blanks Alter Ego photo shoot
Here she is as a sailor and bartender also.
So this is some of what I missed when I was away. I'm still shocked about Solange...I wonder who will be next to let the locks go...

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