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Slow Down & Shed Some Pounds Pt.1

Ever felt so hungry you practically inhaled your food, then felt so overstuffed you had to pop open your pants or just sit still for a minute, thinking to yourself, why did I eat this much? Too late should've paced yourself, honestly it really works. People who wolf down their food are more likely to be overweight & suffer from digestive problems. Take the Yellow Light Approach,(slow down) when eating & refer to these few tips to help you set a healthier pace. Stop eating before you feel stuffed
It takes 15 to 20 min for your digestive system to tell your brain that you've had enough. If you keep eating until that feeling registers, you pack in lots of extra calories. Instead, put down your fork when you start to feel satisfied- not full or stuffed
Chew Well
Take small bites of food & chew each one about four or five times before you swallow. Don't take the next bite until your mouth is empty. You also can take a sip of water between mouthfuls .
Concentrate on your meal
Distractions such as watching T.V can keep you from noticing how quickly you're eating & filling up.Take the time to enjoy the many flavors, smells & texture of foods.

Try to schedule mealtimes when you can sit down & take your time. If you can, set the mood & play soft background music-studies have shown it makes people slow down when eating. The food isn't going to run off the plate before you get the chance to eat it so relax & take your time, you'll be grateful when you hit the beach!


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